Read “Telling Our Story Part 1”.

During this season, I started to make note of the things that I continually found myself excited about. I paid attention to the conversations that continued to come up. As I journaled my own journey, I started to notice the linkages throughout the various seasons of my life.  


+I want people to feel seen, known + valued.

+ I love beauty. I think it matters. I seek it out + create it whenever possible. 

+I curate experiences.

+I collect beautiful stories, experiences + people. 

+I’m drawn to bright colors + bright ideas.

+I celebrate people.

+I love stories. 


I realized that perhaps, as I was plotting my own adventure with God, that perhaps there were countless others who I might be able to help tell their own bright + beautiful stories. 

You see, one of the things I realized is that there are many of us, who settle for less than the abundant life that God has made available to us.  One of my favorite verses in the Bible is John 10:10. It’s Jesus speaking and he says, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” He outlines his very purpose for coming to earth and it’s so that we can have full, abundant life. Yet, when you talk to the average person and ask them how they are doing, they say, “I’m fine. Doing ok. Life is good.” Hardly sounds abundant, right? 

During this season, the phrase “cultivating a bright + beautiful life” kept coming back to me. I meditated on the words and their significance for weeks. In so doing, I started to unpack their meaning…




… because living an abundant life doesn’t just happen. It takes intention, it takes work, it takes grace, it takes commitment. It is a process that, like growing a garden, is messy but yields so much beautiful fruit.


… because I believe that the future is full of promise. Bright is synonymous with hope. I believe that often times the reason that we settle for less than abundance is because we lose hope. The Bible says that “hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Prov. 13:12) and later says that “out of the heart flows the issues of life” (Prov. 4:23). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that when we lose sight of hope and the bright future available to each of us, it affects every area of our life. 


… because beauty matters. True beauty is not just surface level… it goes deep. Beauty is a powerful communicator. It exalts the mind and spirit. It says that all shall be well. There’s beauty in and for everyone. It’s not something available only to a chosen few.  It’s there if you dare to look, you’ll find it… in your life and most of all, in you. 


Before I knew it, those notes I penned started to take shape. They started to make sense.  I saw a clear vision forming. My seemingly disconnected notes started to thread together and a manifesto appeared (read it here); a statement of purpose, a rallying cry and a fresh path forward. 



Photo Credit: Francesca Barnes


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Hey friends!

We know that the summer is almost over, but don't you worry! We’ve created a super fun and dance-worthy playlist you’ll totally want to have on repeat. Being based in Miami, summer is basically everyday for us (unless there’s a Category 5 hurricane heading our way*). Our home has become a melting pot with all sorts of beautiful cultures constantly influencing us. Whether it’s having a wide array of restaurant choices with cuisines from all over or simply walking on the beaches of Miami with Bluetooth speakers blasting reggaeton music.

We believe that music is a universal language. It unifies and creates this feel-good energy that nothing else can really compare to it. If you stop and think, every culture that exists has its own kind of music, which is why, essentially, music has the power to connect us to our emotions.

When we were deciding which songs to share with all of you, we had a blast singing along to the lyrics. We chose 12 songs that we think give off all the tropical vibes this summer. You will find a mix of pop, Latin pop, and pop rock.  Check out the playlist on Spotify here and follow us for future fun playlists!

Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.
— Plato 

What is your favorite song this summer? Better yet, do you have an all time favorite? We would love to jam out with you! 



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*We’re doing just fine and waiting the storm out. Thankfully Hurricane Dorian appears to be heading north and hopefully back out to sea. Our prayers are with our friends in the Bahamas who are experiencing the storm right now.


Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.
— - Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

We couldn’t agree more with that quote! We are so excited for all the summer feels. Nothing says summer like the smell of sunscreen, funky fashion, eating ice cream & making memories that will last forever!

Being based in Miami Beach, the epitome of all things summer, we can say that we live where most people vacation. The sun shines almost all year round, but we must admit, it can get very hot and humid quickly. Nature’s gotta do what nature’s gotta do. During a Miami summer, our go-to fashion is always what is quick, easy, and cool. Miami style does that well. There are a few current fashion trends that keep popping up on the Miami boardwalk.

One of the current fashion trends we are loving is pops of color, specifically, neon.

What would life be without color? It instantly brings a sense of brightness and funk into your wardrobe and we just love it! Think a pair of bright green bicycle shorts with an oversized white or black t-shirt, chunky earrings, bold sunglasses and you are good to go!

Another lovely fashion trend we are noticing is textured accessories, for example, woven handbags and fun sunglasses. Now these are must-haves for the summer. Woven handbags give a fresh, rustic feel to any outfit you pair it with. Think a white, flowy, linen dress, paired with a woven handbag, and nude peep-toe mules. Don’t forget your sunglasses! Of course, face shape matters when it comes to choosing a pair but we love oversized, vintage sunglasses or thin, retro sunglasses.

9277CD41-E9B6-41B4-A7BE-338D300477D4 (1).jpeg

We have also spotted animal prints as a spring and summer trend and they have given us all the tropical feels. Any animal print will act as a statement piece and is not as difficult to outfit as one may think. Whether it’s leopard print tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, it has definitely become a trend that will be forever chic.

Which one of these trends could you see yourself wearing while sipping a Piña Colada on the beach?




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Every month we’re going to be sharing a little bit about what we’re vibing on and what’s bringing us joy and inspiration. Our first edition of Monthly Inspo is alllll about the SOFT + SUBTLE TROPICAL. Perhaps we’re inspired by what we see frequently in Miami Beach (but doesn’t make it into the tourism videos) or perhaps we just have a thing for peach… who knows, maybe it’s both.

this must be the place.jpg


We’re totally loving this soft and simple palette and the almost nostalgic feeling it gives us. It’s a nod to the seemingly endless summers we enjoyed as kids. The moments of carefree living, footprints in the sand, a big flower in our hair and perfecting the art of the underwater hand stand (we’re still working on that one). These images instantly transport us and tell one of our favorite childhood stories. Isn’t it amazing how a picture can do that? Images are a powerful communicator and we LOVE what these ones are saying.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What are you vibing on these days? Any new inspo we should know about?



Hey there!

We want to take you behind the scenes and into our editorial styling and creative photo shoot process. For this dreamy shoot, we were inspired by the softer side of South Beach, Florida. Miami isn’t just the flash and stereotypical snippets that are peddled to tourists. Miami is a melting pot of cultures which is part of the reason why we love calling this place home. On top of that, Miami Beach is known for its Art Deco vibe which we’re basically obsessed with.

Everyday, we become inspired the minute we step out and take a stroll into our neighborhood. The nature, the colors, the architecture, are all things we paid attention to when scouting for unique spots in the city. Nothing says Miami Beach like tropical, pastel scenes. If you want to move down here already, we totally get it!

We want to share with you a quick step-by-step process of the morning of the photo shoot so that you can catch all the magical feels!


We woke up before sunrise so that we could capture the photos in subtle, bright light. Magic hour! We prepped our models, the amazing Jenn Hardcastle and Beth Harper, with a wardrobe that consisted of flowy and floral patterns, as well as chunky and bold accessories to compliment the outfits. We found just the right pieces for our Havana inspired photoshoot within the spring/summer collection at Anthropologie and Free People. Once hair and makeup were set, we hopped in the car and headed straight to the sunrise. Turns out sunrise that morning was a bit overcast, however, we made the most of the moment and it turned out to be a truly a breathtaking experience. Sometimes the unplanned moments end up being the most beautiful. 

Our first photo shoot stop was on the beach itself with sandy toes.

It was so much fun being able to witness the sun come up and start a brand new day in lovely company. Speaking of lovely company, we planned this photo shoot with both Jenn and Beth, as well as the creative genius and amazing photographer Lauren Miles. We can’t wait to show you the amazing shots she captured. We love doing regular collaborations with other creatives because, if we’re honest, it feels like grown up dress up. It’s an amazing outlet for our creative juices AND we get to bring all the crazy ideas bouncing around in our heads to life.

Our second stop was on a pathway at one of the many entrances to the beach. We found the bright green backdrop to be a perfect spot to take out our woven hat and strike a pose. We love playing with color and texture in our shoots. All so that our beautiful subject can pop.


We wrapped the our morning by wandering around in a few small streets in South Beach. When we were location scouting, we immediately fell in love with the aesthetic of this bright and old green door so we could not resist letting it have it’s moment during our shoot.  We also found out from the contractor on-site that they were removing the door that week as part of the remodel. We’re so glad we got to capture it in all it’s vintage glory before it made way for the new.


We’re so excited to share the final photos from this shoot so soon. Spoiler alert: There’s already a few in the mix on the Piccadilly Creative homepage. One of our absolute favorite things to do is tell story through images and this shoot gave us just such an opportunity. We can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s to hoping you’re having a sunny summer!

Stay bright,




Meet Hannah

Hannah thrives on helping people recognize their own beauty + value as well as step out in confidence + purpose. She loves listening to peoples dreams + helping them define their stories. Give her one phone call and she will be your number one cheer leader.

After years of working in a gray box (aka a cubicle), Hannah recognized a lifelong dream in moving to Miami Beach + launching Piccadilly Creative to help people recognize what is bright + beautiful in their world. Driven by a passion to connect people to purpose + creativity to cause, Hannah loves connecting people to the creative resources necessary to bring their stories to life.

She also loves reality TV, singing really loud, short walks on the beach + flamingos (especially flamingos).


Meet Silvia

Silvia is a ray of sunshine. She believes in the power of communication. For her, creative storytelling is recognizing that life does not have to be boring but that your dream is just around the corner, if you work for it.

She loves to see people thrive and succeed. Silvia does not need the spotlight to show the world what she is capable of but rather loves the thrill, that is, a new challenge. After graduating with a Masters degree in Global Strategic Communications, she continues her quest for learning through a variety of creative pursuits. Silvia also appreciates the value of culture as well as the importance of languages in the world.

She enjoys taking pictures, travelling, eating delicious food, and spending time with her family.


IMG_5935 (1).jpg

Hi friends!

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? It may have been a bit quieter over here on the blog, but the truth is we’ve been busy bees behind-the-scenes.  It’s been a few months of truly digging into our own story, identifying the imagery and moments that feel authentic to us and truly defining a new Piccadilly Creative brand for a new day and adventure. Welcome to our new brand!

I say it all the time, but I truly believe that a brand is a story that is always being told AND I realized that my story and subsequently the Piccadilly Creative story has gone through some major shifts over the past few years and it felt like time that we got our story straight. 

Let me back up for a minute here… did you know that I actually first launched Piccadilly Creative a number of years ago in Washington, DC as an event planning business? Oh… you did… ok.

Well that’s the truth, but a little over two years ago, I made the decision to take the leap and move myself, part and parcel, to Miami Beach, Florida.  Why? Frankly, I was burned out. I was tired. I’d been living my life with little to no margin. When I would go to God asking for direction I felt like there was a change that He had for me on the horizon. I just wasn’t totally sure what that was. It wasn’t until I was on a weekend trip to Miami, that I felt like God clearly spoke to me that Miami would be my new home. I know what you’re thinking… it’s easy to hear the voice of God when he tells you to move to the beach. I knooooowww.  

I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to my story than the chapters I had lived in DC to that point. They were wonderful, a beautiful part of my story and of Piccadilly’s story and yet it was time. It was time to start fresh. It was scary to move to a new city where I knew next to no one, but I knew there was something truly spectacular on the other side of that fear. I knew it would be worth it. 

In Spring of 2017 I quietly left the city that had been home for over 16 years, I left an amazing community of people who had helped me birth this crazy idea of Piccadilly and believed in me during a very formative time in my life… and I moved home… like, to my parent’s house. A place I hadn’t lived in since I was 18.  I will forever, foooooorever be grateful for their generosity, but you get it… moving in with my parents as an adult wasn’t the glamorous move I had been thinking about. Don’t ever believe the hype that the entrepreneurial journey is ALL rainbows and butterflies… sometimes it’s sharing a bathroom with your little brother.  I spent four months with them, plotting and scheming my move to Miami but also simultaneously wondering if the dream of this adventure was getting closer or farther away. It depended on the day… 

Oh and Piccadilly, during this time… it was all but dead. On the outside it felt like I had closed up shop, but in my heart I knew there was another chapter, a more honest and beautiful chapter. I just didn’t know when it would start and what plot twists it would include. I just had to have faith that it would begin eventually and it would be good. 

Finally, in September of 2017, I moved into my dream little apartment, the Flamingo Nest, in the heart of Miami Beach. I was so excited, until I turned on the TV and realized that there was a hurricane headed straight towards Miami. That’s right, four days after arriving in Miami, my promised land, I had to evacuate. I left unsure if all of my earthly belongings I had just moved in would be there when I got back. Again, NOT the glamorous entrepreneurial journey I was hoping for.  Thankfully, God was gracious to me and the hurricane didn’t actually hit Miami and I was back in my new home within two weeks, happy and content setting up my little piece of paradise.

Piccadilly was still on the shelf though. Did I mention I was tired? Burned out? The truth is, the second I let myself get to that point, the first thing to run out was my creativity. I knew I needed to prioritize rest and healing before my creative juices would start flowing again.  My days were filled with work (a new job...hello!), walks on the beach, and more sunrises and sunsets than I can remember. I took the following quote to heart… 

There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it, Put yourself in the way of beauty.
— Cheryl Strayed, Wild

I took every chance I could to put myself in the way of beauty. I had long conversations with God. I learned the beauty of slowing down. I simplified. It was hard, but it was worth it. Life didn’t look anything like it had before. 

In the midst of this healing process, I also found a wonderful community in my local church, Vous. I went each week and listened to messages that spoke directly to my heart, I met people who really hugged me, and I slowly began to unwind and unthaw…


I also started a conversation with God about Piccadilly Creative. I realized I’d spent a long time trying to create it on my own. I’m a pretty capable person, but I realized that part of the reason I had landed in a place needing rest and healing was because I’d been living outside of grace. I was living in what I could make happen for myself and sure enough, that eventually blew up.  I realized that if I was going to pick up Piccadilly Creative again, it needed to be something I did with God and not on my own. I didn’t want any more of my own good ideas, I wanted God ideas.

Fast forward to 2019, through a few divine connections and a series of happenings that truly can only be described as God, clarity hit me like a lightning bolt. I suddenly knew which direction to go in and as I had hoped, the creativity began to flow again.